Fully customizable WhatsApp & Website OR fully WhatsApp platform to cater to specific needs and targeted desired results. Live up to date information, automated trackable systems and one on one customer service is available with the help of Chatbot / AI technology, Optical character recognition (OCR) and so much more.

Simple, secure and ease of participation

Omniteam Rewards and Loyalty Program Steps

Convenient one stop platform

  • Scan QR Code

  • Fill in particulars create profile

  • Submit to participate

  • Begin redemption / check points / edit info etc.



Apart from all our innovative offerings, our fulfilment services department is also an integral part of our operations; and takes over right after the execution phase of a promotion/contest ends. From verifying potential winners and/or recipients, to ensuring that all our delivery of prizes/redemptions are done within the stipulated dates, our professional fulfilment services team takes the burden off your shoulders when running a contest or activation; from start to finish.

Omniteam Sdn Bhd Fulfilment

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